Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[Spoiler] "Dream High 2" Kim Jeong-tae and Kahi, "Troublemaker"

"Dream High 2" Lee Kang-cheol (Kim Jeong-tae) and Hyeon Ji-soo (Kahi) parodied "Troublemaker".

On the second episode of KBS 2TV drama "Dream High 2" Lee Kang-cheol and Hyeon Ji-soo started their posts as chairman and dance teacher.

When Lee Kang-cheol took over Ki Rin Arts High School all the youth idols from Oz Entertainment moved over to the school as well. Hyeon Ji-soo explained to them, "Your training room has become your school and your house has become your dormitory". Along with that, the school rules expanded incredibly.

Then suddenly Lee Kang-cheol and Hyeon Ji-soo started dancing to the song "Troublemaker" out of the blue and explained the changed rules. Cell phones, Internet, snacks, campus dating and even holding hands were not allowed.

Furthermore, skipping class, taking pictures, comic books, nunchucks as well as sports activities such as basketball, soccer and others for the protection of the students' wrists and ankles. All the students of Ki Rin Arts High School sighed deeply as they listened to the new rules and now some of the original students in the dorms face being kicked out thanks to the mass influx of young talent.

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