Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Spoiler] "Dream High 2" JB and Kang So-ra get too close

On "Dream High 2", JB and Sin Hae-seong (Kang So-ra) got too close.

On the tenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Dream High 2", aired on February 28th, Sin Hae-seong and JB got playful in the art room while drawing.

Ahn Tae-yeon (Choi Yeo-jin) gave them the task of drawing a star's image and all the students started to. JB changed classes and sat next to Hae-seong.

JB soon saw Hae-seong's notebook. JB was all over it. He held up the notebook and said, "You should give me my modeling fee". Embarrassed, Hae-seong asked for it back and then tripped as she followed after him.

Their bodies got tangled when she fell and they got close enough for their lips to almost touch. They quickly walked back away from each other and JB said, "I will take this for my modeling fee" and tore a page from the book. Lee Kang-cheol (Kim Jeong-tae) saw this.

Netizens said, "JB and Sin Hae-seong should just get together and speed things up", "I was so nervous watching the scene, I wish things worked out between them", "Everyone falls down like that in dramas, it's so unrealistic" and more.

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