Monday, January 30, 2012

[Spoiler] "Ojak Brothers" UEE gets drunk to forget break up pain

UEE couldn't stand the pain of breaking up and fell into shopping and drinking.

On the fifty-second episode of KBS 2TV weekend drama "Ojak Brothers" on the 29th, Baek Ja-eun (UEE) and Hwang Tae-hee (Joo Won) suffered from break up.

Ja-eun couldn't eat or sleep for the past couple of days and just lay in bed all day. She then went to work and asked Kim Je-ha (Jeong Seok-won) to go on a third date and went to the department store with him.

She asked, "Can I buy whatever I want since it's a date?" and started buying expensive things. She then left for the club alone while Je-ha went to meet a client.

When he found her, she was already drunk and dancing. She couldn't even hold herself up as she kept on falling over on someone else but continued to say, "I'm alright, leave me alone".

She then met eyes with Tae-hee who followed Je-ha into the club and got out of there as quickly as she could. She went into the bathroom and sat down crying then told Je-ha, "Please take me to the Ojak Farm. I miss Tae-hee so much".

Meanwhile, at the end of the episode, Tae-hee returned hom drunk and pleaded his grandmother (Kim Yong-rim), "Can't you please forgive Ja-eun just this once. I can't breathe because I miss her so much".

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