Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Spoiler] "Salaryman" Lee Beom-soo's 'smoky black' make up

Lee Beom-soo's shocking appearance started a wave of laughs.

On the eighteenth episode of the SBS drama "Salaryman", aired on February 28th, Yoo-bang (Lee Beom-soo) transformed into a "Bad Guy" in a plot to take over management of the Cheon Ha Group.

Under the orders of Mo Ga-bi (Kim Seo-hyeong), Choi Hang-woo (Jeong Kyeo-woon) started buying up bonds for Pengseong Industries. Their plan was to take control of the entire industry with more than 80% of their bonds. Angered, Yoo-bang planned to combat this plan by giving away Pengseong and taking over the Cheon Ha Group.

After this, he started to live a depraved life, full of drinking and women. He drew a thick black line under his eyes and wore fancy clothes in a hostess bar, giving out money to the women there. With eyeliner drawn thicker than any idol and with lipstick marks all over his face, his hedonism made everyone laugh made everyone laugh.

When Baek Yeo-chi (Jeong Ryeo-won) came to get him in the bar he said, "Yeo-chi come and have a drink, you're not grasshopper you're Yeo-chi". This episode was highlighted by his comical way of talking and exaggerated behavior and make-up.

Meanwhile, hearing that Yoo-bang had fallen into the world of pleasure, Mo Ga-bi and Choi Hang-woo smiled in victory, not knowing his real plan.

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