Friday, January 13, 2012

[Spoiler] "The Sun and The Moon" Lee Min-ho-I asks Kim Yoo-jeong to leave together

Lee Min-ho-I asked Kim Yoo-jeong to leave together.

On the fourth episode of MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon" on the 12th, Yang Myeong-gun (Lee Min-ho-I) wanted to leave.

Before he left, he stared into Yeon-woo's (Kim Yoo-jeong) face.

Yeon-woo asked him if he would return but he replied, "Let's leave together".

Yang Myeong-gun told Yeon-woo, "They say the nominee for crown princess has been withdrawn but Yeo-sik (Bo Kyeong, Kim Min-seo) will become the princess. You will become one of the maids or will have to live alone by yourself forever. If you leave with me, you can leave everything behind".

Yeon-woo told him not to joke around and he started walking off saying, "Are you sure you will not regret your choice? You can do well. Show Yeo-sik what you've got at this chance".

To Woon (Lee Won-geun), he said, "The trees are still but why is the wind blowing? But that moon will follow me wherever I go".

Meanwhile, "The Sun and the Moon" is based on an original by Jeong Eun-gwol who also wrote "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and it is about the fantasy romance between Yeon-woo (Han Ga-in) who has been chosen as the crowned princess but has to live life as a sha-woman and imaginary king Hwon (Kim Soo-hyeon).

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