Monday, November 21, 2011

Jang Nara's leading Chinese drama

The Chinese version of the drama "Temptation of Wife", led by Jang Nara, will be shown on the Chinese TV on November 21st at 9PM. A mystery thriller and complicated romance movie, "Rose House" is the name of the Chinese version, based on Alfred Hitchcock's "Rebecca". Set in a house full of roses, a virgin farm girl falls into tragic love and then revenge. It is comparable to Jang Seo-hee's drama "Temptation of Wife", which is full of tragedy and revenge between a married couple and an unmarried couple, which develops because of a man's fickle love.

Having done only bright and cheerful roles, Jang Nara's first thriller is bringing about a lot of attention. She takes on the role of honest country girl "Ho Eum-eum". She falls in love with a famous person from Shanghai but is betrayed by him and changes 180 degrees. Other popular stars will also be in this drama. "Rose House" will be shown every Monday to Friday at 9PM.

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